A delightfully rural parish

Village Hall History


The original building was the village school and teachers residence. It was built on land donated in 1858 by Sir Henry Hoare and cost £748 and 19shillings. The school opened in January 1861 to provide an education for the poorer children of the village. The school could accommodate over 100 children but numbers fluctuated over the years. In 1932 the school became a primary school with older children travelling to Bruton to continue their education. Pupil numbers continued to decline and in 1965 the school closed. Children then travelled to the new school in Upton Noble to continue their primary education. 

The vacant school was purchased from Somerset County Council and the Diocesan Education Committee. By 1971 Brewham had a village hall.

For a more detailed picture of Brewham school please see ‘ A VillageSchool ‘  by Libby Nye.

The hall is a charitable trust and is maintained and run by a Voluntary Committee which organises various events including the annual village show, table top sales, social gatherings and entertainments and the childrens Christmas Party.