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The Brewham Support Group

Page last updated on 2/9/2017.

The Brewham Support Group

  • In September 2009 an informal group of seven interested residents volunteered to pursue the idea of producing a parish plan for Brewham.
  • In January 2010 we held an open day in the Village Hall to find out residents views about Brewham.
  • In July we circulated a questionnaire to all households in the parish.
  • The replies to the questionnaire were analysed and used as a basis for the preparation of a report.
  • The report Our Brewham – the future of our parish was published in April 2011. It was adopted by the Parish Council and presented to the South Somerset District Council.
  • Since then the Support Group have been seeking to further the 12 aims and 30 actions contained in the report.
  • One of the actions pursued involved in the undertaking of a major landscape assessment. This resulted in the publication of a report entitled ‘Our Brewham – Landscape (An assessment by C J Smith) which was published in May 2013. This in turn suggested some further actions.
  • Good progress was made in progressing the actions and the achievements over time have been documented in Progress Reports in April 2012, May 2013 and May 2014
  • In the summer of 2015 a community photography competition was organised to showcase and reward talented photographers in and around the Brewham area in their portrayal of various themes relating to the parish.
  • Following a comprehensive survey a village design statement was produced to inform the planning process. Published in March 2016 the report, entitled ‘Our Brewham Buildings’, was distributed free to every property in the parish.
  • Five years after the ‘Our Brewham’ report was published it was time to review the work of the Support Group to ensure that it continued to be relevant. A Progress Report published in September 2016 summarised what had transpired in the pursuit of the original actions and provided an indication of some actions which were currently in train. It also contained a questionnaire seeking feedback from Brewham residents in order to ensure that the work of the Support Group continued to match with the general views of the community.
  • The most recent action of note is the production of a further free book – ‘Our Brewham in Days Gone By’ – in response to requests for another album of archive photos following the inclusion of a handful of old views in Our Brewham Buildings.
  • All documents referred to are available in the Resources section of the website.

Current Members

  • Patricia Stainton
  • Alan Bragg
  • Ric Rogers
  • Caroline Rathbone
  • Keith Vooght
  • Keith Barclay
  • Chas Blacker
  • Cath Coward

Although we are fortunate in having received some financial and administrative support from the Brewham Parish Council and the South Somerset District Council, the work of the Support Group is dependent upon the voluntary efforts of Brewham residents. We are continuing to make progress on the outstanding actions, but we could do more. Why not join us in helping to achieve a better future for our community.