A delightfully rural parish

Baptist Chapel

Sunday Service 11am. Everyone is welcome.


The chapel today has a growing congregation of 20-30 people of all ages and from all backgrounds. Visiting preachers lead our worship and music and hymns are a mixture of old and new. Communion is offered every Sunday except the 2nd Sunday of the month which is a family service (though families are welcome every week!). We also run a children’s group called Connect 2 Jesus for 0-10 year olds on Tuesdays at the Village Hall and a prayer meeting and Bible Study on Fridays 7.30pm.

Connect 2 Jesus Tuesday 4-5pm

Bible Study – Friday 7.30pm

For more information please contact Hazel Gulliford on 01749 850267


In the late 1860’s a group of Protestant dissenters (people who disagreed with the traditions of the established church) had been meeting in the room above Bridge Cottage for worship and prayer. On 6th October 1870 John Gerrish Jackson of ‘Bruham Bridge Farm’ entrusted part of his garden for the building of the chapel. An agreement was made with Jacob Jackson, James Hannam, Edward Gilbert, Nathaniel Penny, Charles Pocock and John Hannam for the sum of £4 each, at a time when the average weekly wage was less than £1.

The chapel was built for the purpose of promoting the Worship of the Almighty God by Protestant Dissenters of the denomination of Particular Baptists.

Papers from 1871 suggest that it was a branch of the Church or Society of Baptists at Wincanton. Apart from the pews and pulpit you would expect, it also had a harmonium and a stove but in 1885 a new American Organ was purchased from London for £12 15s. This is a hand pumped organ still in use today. Expenses from those early years included a gift to Shepton Mallet Choir who led the service in January 1893 and hay for the horse that transported the preacher: the original fuel allowance!

A Sunday school thrived and benefited from weekly treats. In more recent years it became Monday Club for obvious reasons and many village children have learned about Jesus through scripture, songs and having fun!

The chapel is run by a board of trustees. In 1907 they were John Jackson, Charles Pocock, John Hannam, Frederick Lancaster, Joseph Jackson, Ludwell White and Josiah Jackson. Herbert White, Frederick Gulliford. Oscar, Raymond and Christopher Jackson joined them in 1926. In 1974 the list included John Williams, Peter Holmes, Roger Clarke and Hugo Gulliford.

More relevant today the trustees are:  Roger Clarke, Keith Butt, Alan Butt, Paul Jackson, Stephen Shields and Mark Gulliford.